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Marc Lichte: “Aesthetics arise from efficiency”
Marc Lichte:?
“Aesthetics arise from efficiency”
Efficiency – charging comfort – everyday usability:?
the plug-in hybrids from Audi
Sporty, practical and elegant:?
The Q5 Sportback?and the SQ5 Sportback TDI



Digital transformation: “Audi spaces” enables learning and working in a virtual space

During the corona pandemic, everyone is talking about the home office. With “Audi spaces”, Audi has developed and introduced a virtual 3D world for learning and work. Audi employees can use this digital tool from their computers – in hugely varied ways: as a tool for learning and training, as a means of coaching and consulting, and for digital collaboration and communication.

New dual leadership at Audi Sport GmbH

An important new addition at Audi Sport GmbH: Dr. Sebastian Grams will complete the management team at the Audi high-performance operation starting March 1. He is assuming the helm of the subsidiary together with Managing Director Julius Seebach. Grams succeeds Oliver Hoffmann, who has headed Technical Development at Audi as Chief Operating Officer since July 2020 and also chairs the Advisory Board of Audi Sport GmbH.

Audi strengthens business in China: First majority interest held by Audi in new cooperation company for local electric car production with FAW

The brand with the Four Rings is deepening its partnership with FAW and laying the foundation for continued success in China. The Board of Management of Audi, Supervisory Board of the Volkswagen Group and Board of Management of the FAW Group confirmed that Changchun in the northeast of China will be the headquarters of the newly founded Audi-FAW company. This was announced today at the ceremonial signing in Changchun and Beijing. AUDI AG and Volkswagen Group China will receive a 60-percent share, making this company – founded for the local production of fully electric Audi models on the “Premium Platform Electric” (PPE) codeveloped with Porsche – the first cooperation company with a majority interest held by Audi in China.

New Euro 6d emission standard: Audi has converted its model range

As of the beginning of 2021, Audi has converted its vehicle range to the new level of the Euro 6d emission standard. All models included in the currently valid sales program comply with the strict limits of the Euro 6d-ISC-FCM standard.

Preventing blackouts with intelligence: Audi e-tron is ready for grid-optimized charging

When several electric cars are charging at the same time, the street will go dark – that is one gloomy vision of the future that skeptics of electric mobility are painting. As part of a small-scale test, Audi has found a clear answer to this problem: Intelligent and grid-optimized charging relieves the grid and can help to increase the acceptance of electric mobility further. The Audi e-tron models and the charging system connect are already prepared and ready.

Audi ends 2020 with the most successful quarter in the company’s history

AUDI AG ended 2020 with the most successful quarter-year in the company’s history for cars delivered: between October and December the company supplied 505,583 cars to its customers – more than half a million in a quarter for the first time ever. In a challenging year, marked globally by restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, Audi delivered a total of 1,692,773 models, a fall of 8.3 percent compared with the previous year. In China, however, the company nevertheless attained new best figures with a total of 727,358 vehicles supplied (+5.4 percent).

Audi is the first car manufacturer to be awarded the Chain of Custody - the certificate of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

AUDI AG is the first automobile maker to be awarded the Chain of Custody certificate of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). This certifies that Audi can comply with the materials flow chain for sustainably produced aluminum in accordance with the ASI standard and can also input correspondingly certified material to the Aluminum Closed Loop with its suppliers. In this way, the level of sustainability attested by the ASI is completely maintained, not only for components of car making but also for the process scrap from Audi press plants that is retained in the loop.

Virtual reality and 3D scans: Digitally planned production of the Audi e-tron GT

The Audi e-tron GT is the first four rings model for which production was planned entirely without physical prototypes. Multiple technical innovations made this possible, including three-dimensional building scans, machine learning processes and the use of virtual reality. All assembly processes, such as procedures and employee actions were tested and optimized in virtual spaces that model their real-world counterparts down to the finest detail. Virtual planning is now used across site boundaries, enabling digital, connected working without business trips or foreign assignments – and not just during the coronavirus pandemic. 3D scans and the planning in virtual spaces make processes more efficient and sustainable.

Dr Arno Antlitz becomes Board Member for Finance and IT at Volkswagen Group

Today the supervisory board of Volkswagen has taken a far-reaching personnel decision: Dr Arno Antlitz, Board Member for Finance and Legal Affairs at Audi since 1 March 2020, will take over the position of Board Member for Finance and IT in the Volkswagen Group. He will succeed Frank Witter, who will leave the Management Board of Volkswagen AG at his own wish, as already announced, at the end of June 2021. The Supervisory Board of AUDI AG will decide on the successor to Antlitz in due course.

Audi e-tron GT enters series production: Carbon-neutral production begins at the B?llinger H?fe

At the B?llinger H?fe, passion meets precision, innovation and sustainability: Series production of the fully electric-powered Audi e-tron GT is getting underway there. High performance and environmental awareness go hand-in-hand here. With 100 percent eco-electricity and heat from regenerative sources, production is net carbon-neutral. The resource-conserving vehicle production process also avoids paper and packaging, uses aluminum and polymer closed loops, and in a first for a new Audi model was planned without any physical prototypes at all.

Compact hybrid with 245 PS system output: The Audi A3 Sportback 45 TFSI e

Audi continues its electrification campaign in the compact class: Presales of the A3 Sportback 45 TFSI e will start in Germany this week. The brand with the four rings is thereby complementing the A3 Sportback 40 TFSI e with a sporty model that has more power and more extensive equipment. Its plug-in hybrid drive has a system output of 180 kW (245 PS) and 400 Nm (295.0 lb-ft) of system torque.

Audi increases budget for electromobility up to 2025

With its investment planning for the next five years, AUDI AG is pushing ahead its transformation to a provider of networked and sustainable premium mobility: with a total amount of approximately € 35 billion, investments remain at a high level, especially for future vehicle projects, in spite of a difficult business environment. Some € 17 billion, amounting to half of the investment sum, is allocated to future technologies alone. Like the Volkswagen Group as a whole, Audi is reinforcing investments in electromobility. The premium manufacturer has earmarked approximately € 15 billion for this and the future topic of hybridization, thus underlining the key importance of its electro-roadmap. The necessary financial scope is created by synergies in the Volkswagen Group – in both the e-platform strategy and in software development. Improvements in fixed costs, a leaner product portfolio, and savings in non-vehicle investments further contribute to the financial solidity of the Audi brand.

Recent press folders

From the compact class to the full-size class: The Audi A3 Sportback TFSI e and the Audi Q8 TFSI e frame the plug-in hybrid range of the brand with the four rings. The new Q3 45 TFSI e and Q3 Sportback 45 TFSI e have also joined the ranks. They mark the first step into the world of electrified Q models. The sporty 45 TFSI e model will be added to the diverse portfolio of the A3 Sportback.
Audi has been consistently driving progress in lighting technology for more than 20 years. What used to serve exclusively for the safety now shapes the visual appearance of every Audi model with its combination of design and technology. And with the digitization of lighting technology, this perspective will change even further in the future: towards even more personalization and comprehensive external communication. The Audi TechTalk Light shows the Audi milestones in lighting technology and provides a deeper insight into the Audi philosophy on the subject of light as well as the latest lighting technologies, including an outlook for the future. Complete information and press material can be found here.
From zero to one hundred in 2.8 seconds, more than 95 percent efficiency within the entire car and preparation for any contingency in every detail, this describes the Audi e-tron FE07 that has been developed by Audi Sport, including its new Audi MGU05 motor-generator unit. Full information and press material can be found here.
By 2025, all Audi production sites are planned to have a carbon-neutral manufacturing footprint. Audi will address upstream production processes together with its suppliers in order to identify CO2 reduction potential here as well and to make the manufacturing stage of its products as climate-friendly as possible. The key to making this happen is efficient resource management. Every gram or ounce of CO2 matters and the first milestones have been reached. Learn more about this in our Audi TechTalk Complete information and press material can be found here.

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Audi year review 2020

2020: "A year to forget", most people will think. But it is not that one-sided. The Audi year was stirring, full of change and yet we were able to set the tone. With the Audi rings keeping the distance, the brand created a symbol like hardly any other company for a responsible handling of Corona. Digital offers have found their way into our everyday life and ensured the cooperation of the many thousands of employees. Audi showed in the most difficult phase what the the four rings are made of. #futureisanattitude

Reveal Teaser: Audi Q5 Sportback

Distinctive details help the Audi Q5 Sportback leave an even more powerful impression. This coupé with dynamic lines addresses customers who appreciate not just an expressive design and technical innovation but also a sporty character and a high level of everyday usability.

Powerful and progressive – the Audi Q5 Sportback

Elegant and practical, progressive and sporty: the Q5 Sportback. Audi presents its third crossover utility vehicle (CUV) following the e-tron Sportback and Q3 Sportback.

Pure Energy – the Audi RS e-tron GT Prototype

Fully electric power meets the e-sound of the future in the prototype of the Audi RS e-tron GT. The best of an RS and a Gran Turismo combined in one electric car.

The latest?Audi-Videos in 4k, world premieres and Audi-events on livestream.

Now available on Apple TV,?Smart TV, Tablet and Smartphone.

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